ACDC Solar Air Conditioner

Recreate ACDC Solar Air Conditioner has the latest directly drive technology, it can work independently in DC or AC power both, or mixed work. It has wide range of DC input 90-380VDC, which ensure that customers can flexibly configure the number of solar panels according to the different saving demands.


Off-grid DC Solar Air Conditioner

Recreate Off-Grid DC solar air conditioner is ideal for areas and regions lack of power, especially for remote telecom stations, container houses, motor homes, remote locations, load shedding places, boating and island locations, ect..
Due to the latest advancement of the electronic control and power shifting technology, this DC Off Grid solar air conditioner will realis operating by 100% solar power.

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Portable DC Air Conditioner

The ideal cooling unit for camping or other small space. The unit is small and lightweight enough to accompany your journey no matter where you will be. Simply take and go with its handheld design, and put it down to start cooling.


Solar Power Kit

It’s a portable power storage kit. Charged by free solar power, and used for lighting and DC appliance.

Solar Panel: 10W/12V Battery: 7AH/12V Output: 5VUSB * 2pcs, 12VDC*4pcs

10W-30W Solar Power Kit

Solar Panel: 32W/5V Battery: 3.2V/30AH Output: 5VUSB * 1pc, 3VDC *2pcs

30-50W Solar Power Kit

Solar Panel: 80W/12V Battery: 12V/30AH Output: 5VUSB * 2pcs, 12VDC * 3pcs

50W-100W Solar Power Kit

Solar Lighting

The light is charged by free solar power. It’s widely used for streets, Parks, residential, and public places.

LED Light: 7W Solar Panel:18W/5V Battery: 13Ah/3.2V

Solar Garden Light

LED Light: 25W Solar Panel: 10W/5V Battery: 12Ah/3.2V

Solar flood Light

LED Light: 30W Solar Panel: 60W/5V Battery: 60Ah/3.2V

Solar Street Light

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