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12000 Btu/1 Ton/1.5 Hp Plug And Play Solar Air Conditioner for Tiny Home

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Recreate Hybrid Solar air conditioner is engineered from the ground up for use with solar. All electrical components are DC powered including compressor, high-efficiency DC fan motors, DC valves solenoids, etc.
The Recreate's system uses a VRF( Variable Refrigerant Flow controller and frequency driver in conjunction with multiple sensors and an algorithmic control circuit to raise and lower the unit's capacity in real-time based on conditions as they change Recreate Hybrid Inverter Solar air conditioner are more powerful and use less energy than a fixed speed air conditioner
Recreate is the inventor of world's first true Solar Hybrid air conditioner. Using Recreate' s Solar direct drive technology (SDDA) the Recreate Solar Hybrid unit can use Solar DC gener ated power or mains AC generated power, or a combina tion of both as required. This means that the Recreate Hybrid requires NO batteries, NO inverter, NO controller and need only a few PV panels to deliver a huge savings. Under optimum conditions, this can save up to 97% of your mains power usage.

12000 Btu/1 Ton/1.5 Hp Plug And Play Solar Air Conditioner for Tiny Home

Product Description

Benefits of Recreate ACDC Hybrid

Connects Directly to the Solar Panel

Runs on up to 100% solar power directly in daytime that would save you up  to 97% of you power bill

Easy Solar Connections  Connection from the solar panels to the Recreate Solar Hybrid outdoor is very  simple with a terminal block mounted in the outdoor unit for the positive and  negative cables straight from the solar panels.

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Q1. Can I have a sample order ?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q2. What about the lead time?

A:Sample order needs about 1week, bulk and container orders need 2-3 weeks.

Q3. Is it OK to print my logo ?

A: With MOQ requirements of different products, OEM service is acceptable.

If you are interested in,contact us freely.


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