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Introduction of energy storage system

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The Solar Energy Storage System consists of a solar panel, an inverter, a controller, and a battery. The solar panel stores the generated electricity in the battery, while the inverter converts the DC power into AC power to supply household appliances. Nanjing ALB New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has been specializing in solar energy storage systems for over 15 years. So do you know what an Energy Storage System is?

 Energy Storage System

Here is the content list:


•Development prospects

•Current status of applications


The Solar Energy Storage System is a photovoltaic semiconductor sheet that uses sunlight to generate electricity directly, also known as a "solar chip" or "photovoltaic cell", which can instantly produce voltage and, in the case of a circuit, current, as long as it is illuminated by light that meets certain illumination conditions. The output voltage and, in the presence of a circuit, the current. In physics, this is called solar photovoltaics. A solar Energy Storage System is a device that converts light energy directly into electricity by means of the photovoltaic or photochemical effect. Crystalline silicon solar cells, which work with the photovoltaic effect, are the mainstream, while solar cells implemented in thin-film cells, which work with the photochemical effect, are still in their infancy.

Development prospects

Solar Energy Storage System applications have moved from the military and aerospace sectors into the industry, commerce, agriculture, communications, household appliances, and utilities, particularly in remote areas, mountains, deserts, islands, and rural areas, to save expensive transmission lines. At this stage, however, it is still costly, with investments of tens of thousands of dollars required to generate 1kW of electricity, so large-scale use is still economically limited. However, in the long term, with the improvement of the manufacturing technology of the Solar Energy Storage System and the invention of new light-to-electricity conversion devices, the protection of the environment, and the huge demand for renewable and clean energy in various countries, the Solar Energy Storage System will still be a more practical way of harnessing the sun's radiant energy The Solar Energy Storage System will continue to be a practical way of harnessing the sun's radiant energy and will open up a wide range of prospects for the future use of solar energy on a large scale.

Current status of applications

Many countries are developing medium and long-term solar development plans to prepare for large-scale solar energy development in the 21st century, with the US Department of Energy launching the National Photovoltaic Program and Japan the Sunshine Program. Thus the Solar Energy Storage System will be used more and more in the future.

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