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What is the Solar Air Conditioner?

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Everyone wants to keep cool during the summer, which is why most homeowners have air conditioning systems in their homes. But running those AC units can be costly - an estimated 12% of the average home’s energy consumption in the United States goes right to air conditioning. 

When we run our air conditioners, we’re not only spending a lot of money. In fact, air conditioning causes 117 million metric tons of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere each year. It's a big damage to the environment.

Luckily, there is a way to stay cool that allows you to cut down on both your energy costs and your carbon footprint, and that is solar air conditioning. We’ll then show you the working modes of solar air conditioner, you can refer to what kind is right for you. 

Poster of solar air conditioner

Here is the content list:

  • Working Principle

  • Three Working Modes

  • Product Benefits

Working Principle

Solar PV air conditioners work the same as traditional split air conditioning systems. Instead of powering the system with energy from the grid, the unit is powered with solar energy produced by solar panels. The number of solar panels you need varies depending on the size of the system.(We provide the 12000Btu/18000Btu/24000Btu type to choose) Usually, they will come with between two and eight solar panels. 

These systems can be paired with solar batteries as well, so extra energy produced by the solar panels can be used when the sun goes down. When paired with a battery, these systems are referred to as ‘solar hybrid air conditioners’. 

Recreate Solar Air Conditioner embraces both inverter technology(VRF) and Full DC technology in the products,realizing that the solar air conditioner can be directly generated by DC power via solar panels.It can be configured into different system solutions according to the specific application requirements,such as hybrid solar air conditioner system,off grid solar air conditioner system,pure solar air conditioner system,PV-Wind hybrid solar air conditioner system,etc.

It can be automatically switched to the backup power supply.In addition,it can be remotely controlled through APP in the smart phone.Recreate Solar Air Conditioner can work under three working conditions,suitable for high ambient temperature(up to 56℃),and with high energy efficiency,SEER up to 24.

Three Working Modes

1.Work independently with solar panels in the daytime.It's good to use in schools,offices,shops and desert which is using air conditioner only daytime.

2.Work with DC(solar panels) and AC power together,means in daytime if DC power is not enough to make full cooling ,the AC power will work together to make sure the best cooling performance.This is the best way to save electricity and make no stop working. It's good to use in expensive electricity cost markets,ROI normally within 1.5-3years.

3.Off-Grid solar air conditioner system,means the solar air conditioner working with the solar panels in the daytime,batteries are charged by solar panels and backup in the night time.It's good to use in remote area where is lack of power need air conditioner working day and night.

Product Benefits

  • Help you to reduce the 100% electricity bill in daytime

  • Enjoy cooling summer with free solar power in sunshine day

  • Lower investment,reduce your cost of living

  • Improve the quality of your life

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Solar air conditioners can give full play to the comprehensive advantages of cooling in summer, heating in winter and being available all year round, and it will achieve remarkable economic, social and environmental benefits. It has a broad prospect of popularization and application.

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