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Introduction of solar air conditioner

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With the world's non-renewable resources becoming increasingly scarce, it is important to protect the environment. This calls for a change in the way we generate electricity. As modern living standards continue to rise, the use of nature is also evolving to the extreme, and the sun has become the backbone of our lives. We cannot live without the sun taking care of us, and at the same time, solar energy, as an ideal clean energy source, has many advantages in its use. So do you know what a solar air conditioner is?

 solar air conditioner

Here is the content list:

•How Solar Works

•Installation notes

•Notes for use

How Solar Works

There are two ways to generate electricity from the solar air conditioner, one is the light-thermal-electricity conversion method and the other is the direct light-electricity conversion method. When sunlight shines on a semiconductor p-n junction, a new hole-electron pair is formed. Under the action of the electric field of the p-n junction, the holes flow from the n-zone to the p-zone and the electrons flow from the p-zone to the n-zone, forming an electric current when the circuit is switched on. This is the working principle of the solar air conditioner solar cell.

Installation notes

The installation of the solar air conditioner involves the selection of the installation position, fixing measures, cables, and sockets, leakage prevention design, and other aspects of the project is a complex project, the installation process pays extra attention to the solar air conditioner should be fixed on the wall or the floor. If fixed to a load-bearing wall, it can be directly pre-built bolts or directly hit expansion bolts.

Notes for use

After the installation of the solar air conditioner, as most of the solar cells are now on the roof of the building, we must often go up to see if the solar cells are more stable, and if they are found to be unstable, they must be reinforced again, so as to ensure the safe use of the solar air conditioner. Our solar cells need to be wiped regularly, once a month or so. It is especially important during the rainy season to avoid dirt objects adhering to the solar cells, which may block the solar energy and affect the use of the solar air conditioner. Nowadays everyone prefers solar energy, so there are more homes installing solar air conditioners, so when we see other homes installing solar air conditioners, we have to observe them in time, because the spacing of the solar energy is crucial, if it blocks the solar cell light, then it will affect the use of the air conditioner.

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