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Three Working Modes Of Solar Air Conditioner

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As we talked about the solar air conditioner in the last article,It’s specially designed by full DC technology for solar power priority using, and working with solar power independently.Compared with ordinary air conditioner, solar air conditioner is more energy saving and environmental protection. It is a new type of air conditioner in recent years. Some people may not be very familiar with solar air conditioners.In this article we will introduce the working modes of solar air conditioner in detail.

Three Working Modes:

1.Working with solar panels(DC) only

The solar air conditioner can work independently with solar panels in the daytime.It has wide range of DC Input 90-380VDC from solar panels,which adjust 3-11pcs of 270W-350W solar panels.It's good to use in schools,shops,desert and so on.The places where air conditioner needed mostly during the day.

On Grid of Solar Air Conditioner System

2.Working with solar panels(DC) & AC power together

The second working mode,solar air conditioner can work with DC and AC power together,means in daytime if DC power is not enough to make full cooling,the AC power will work together to make sure the best cooling performance.This is the perfect way to save electricity and make no stop working.It's good to use in expensive electricity cost markets,ROI normally within 1.5-3years.This working mode is popular in the places where often grid power cut.

Hybrid of Solar Air Conditioner System

3.Working with solar panels(DC) & Batteries(Off-Grid)

The last working mode of our solar air conditioner is off-grid.Off-grid solar air conditioner system means the solar air conditioner working with solar panles in the daytime,batteries are charged by solar panels and as backup in the night time.It's completely off-grid working system.It's good to use in remote area where is lack of power and needed air conditioner working day and night.Such as Island,desert and etc.

Off-Grid of Solar Air Conditioner System

In all,we provide full solutions of solar energy system for different requirements.

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