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What are the advantages of solar air conditioners?

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The solar air conditioner makes use of the abundant outdoor solar energy resources, not only to save energy and reduce emissions but also to harvest light at any time. The solar air conditioner uses abundant solar energy and ultraviolet radiation to convert it into the energy we need for our daily life - electrical energy - to provide backup resources for our air conditioning. So, do you know what the advantages of solar air conditioners are?

 solar air conditioner

Here is the content list:

•Combination of multiple modes

•Three capacity options

•Differences in working modes

•Friendly to the environment

Combination of multiple modes

To meet the needs of different applications, we have designed three modes of operation for the solar air conditioner - pure solar mode, solar and electric mode, and solar and battery mode. The pure solar mode of the solar air conditioner is suitable for workplaces where there is no stable electricity, such as distant schools, container offices, etc. The solar air conditioner in solar & electric mode is suitable for places where people want to save money on their electricity bills, such as banks, hospitals, and restaurants. the solar air conditioner has a built-in remote monitoring system, so you can change the mode and wind speed directly from your mobile phone. In addition, solar and electricity consumption can be displayed on the app. You can visibly see how much power is being saved.

Three capacity options

The Green Energy split home solar air conditioner, which saves you money on your bills and provides you with free electricity. Available in different capacities: 12,000 btu/1 ton/1.5 Hp, 18,000 btu/1.5 ton/2 Hp and 24,000 btu/2 ton/3 Hp.

Differences in working modes

Pure solar working mode during the day, the solar air conditionerslowly starts working at sunrise with a minimum output of 200 W. In sunny conditions, the solar air conditioner will work perfectly until sunset. The second is a mixed solar and electric working mode over a 24-hour period where it will automatically convert to electric power when there is no sun. The third clock is the 100% solar working mode for 24 hours. During the day, solar energy powers the solar air conditioner and also charges the battery, and at night, the battery powers the solar air conditioner. So even on sunless nights and cloudy days, the solar air conditioner can be used without problems.

Friendly to the environment

The solar air conditioner has low installation site requirements and can be installed wherever there is sunlight; solar energy is at the forefront of technology compared to traditional technology and is cost-effective. the solar air conditioner is non-polluting to the environment. Solar n and wind energy, tidal energy, and other clean energy, in the development and use of the process of almost no pollution, and its reserves are unlimited, is the ideal alternative energy for mankind.

Do you now know the advantages of solar air conditioners? If you need a solar air conditioner, you can consider our cost-effective products. Albugreen CO., LTD materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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