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Why We Need Solar Powered Air Conditioners?

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The need for solar-powered air conditioners is vital considering how according to energy.gov, three-quarters of homes in the US use air conditioning which consumes about 6% of total electricity usage costing $29 billion annually and releasing 117 million metric tons of CO2! Switching to solar powered energy-efficient air conditioning can help decrease the load from the environment and save considerable amounts of money.


At a time when working toward becoming carbon-neutral is at the forefront of domestic and international policy, the massive energy consumption required for the simple task of keeping us cool in our homes needs to be addressed sooner rather than later and solar air conditioners could be the solution.


Our revolutionary Solar Air Conditioners range of AC/DC Hybrid Solar air conditioners and 100% Off Grid solar air conditioners. Providing innovative technology and reduced electricity costs with PV solar panels. Our solar air conditioners produce clean, green cooling and heating.

Benefits of solar air conditioners

Conventional a/c unit running at the most popular points of the day contribute to power grid demands that frequently lead to failures. Solar air conditioners use ecological benefits including lower grid demand and load shifting throughout peak usage, decreased electrical power expenses, fewer power blackouts, off-the-grid abilities and minimized greenhouse gas emissions.


The solar air conditioner is a great choice for almost all types of users. It’s ideal for areas where power cuts are frequent or where there’s no electric power. Being available in various sizes, it suits industrial usage as well as individual household use.

 Solar Air Conditioner

Additionally, while solar powered air conditioners are quite an investment,they come with multiple advantages:

  • Saves on bills to make up for the initial costs 

  • Remote control with the APP on your phone

  • With peak load shifting it reduces the overall energy demand

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions 

  • Increases the value of your property 

Limitations of solar air conditioner

The only limitation of the solar air cooler is its dependence on solar energy. This makes it likely to be affected by weather conditions. It can not be used effectively in cloudy conditions. At that time,maybe you can think about a solar storage system with battery banks for your home.

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